• 2017 The Asia Research Institute. Research Cluster at the Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore, “Identities in Asia” Grant Period: 2017 to 2020. PI: Ted Hopf (NUS)
  • 2017 SSHRC (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada), “National Identities in World Politics, 1950-2000 “, Grant Period: 2017 to 2022. PI: Srdjan Vucetic (uOttawa); Collaborators: Bentley Allan (JHU), Ted Hopf (NUS).
  • 2015 ETAg (Estonia) Venemaa rahvuslik identiteet võrdlevas kontekstis: intersubjektiivse identiteedi andmebaasi loomine (Russian National Identity in a Comparative Context: Towards an Intersubjective Identity Database), PI: Viacheslav Morozov (UT); Collaborator: Ted Hopf (NUS)
  • 2015 ISA (International Studies Association) Catalytic Grant, Sept. 2015. One-day workshop dedicated to the project’s research objectives at the 2016 ISA convention in Atlanta. Organizers Bentley Allan (JHU) and Srdjan Vucetic (uOttawa).
  • 2015 AcRF-Tier 1 Academic Research Fund, Singapore’s Ministry of Education: PI: Ted Hopf (NUS)

NUS reimbursement

  • Download the vendor-creation-form-1.
  • Fill in the yellow highlighted parts in Section A
  • Ignore Section B, sign the form.
  • Collect all receipts for materials (textbooks etc.), including credit card statements showing payment.
  • Scan all above in a single file. Make sure the file name includes your name and the name of the research project.